Rammed Earth Elephant Kickstarter

This was a crowdfunding exercise designed to raise some money to allow me to develop the ancient technique of rammed earth, normally used for building walls into a sculpture medium able render complex forms. This is breaking new ground because as far as I know this has never been done before. Wall type elements of rammed earth have been used sculpturally but they are still walls and not complex sculpted shapes. The ultimate aim is to build a massive elephant several stories high but before such an ambitious structure can be considered, the technical details of how to work this medium will have to be worked out on a small scale. The Kickstarter was successful and reached its £3500 target! This is an awesome result and will help to open up a new way of making sculpture. Imagine being able to build giant sculptural buildings which look like they have sprouted from the earth! Click on this link to see more: Rammed Earth Elephant Kickstarter

Click here   to see an amusing and informative little film of the first phase

Click here  to see  an amusing and informative little film of the second phase, with added dancing!

Click here  to see phase three, Making the Mould:

Click here  to see the world’s first rammed earth elephant revealed for the very first time!    Earth elephant sketchA sketch of how a rammed earth elephant might look.

IMG_0489 Rammed earth close up


IMG_0266 Rammed earth wall in Holland Park


Planet of the apesHomage to Planet of the Apes. A sketch from the Kickstarter project

IMG_0481 A carved elephant. This is No.9 from 1996


Elehant dwg with birds A sketch of an elephant with a green roof and a viewing platform on top.


Rammed Earth elephant mock up A photoshop mock up of a large rammed earth elephant

Three eles 2And here are a few of the resulting elephants made out of rammed earth, nearly ready to go to the people who helped to fund the crowdfunding exercise.

Elephant 5Here is one of the early experiments, Earth Elephant no.5.

IMG_0277 Everybody loves their elephants


Mike and elephant You’re never alone with an elephant