Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon

This is a commission for a sculpture in the Swansea Bay where a tidal lagoon will be built to harness the power of the tides. It will be first of its kind in the world and they are looking for a landmark piece of art to complement the project.

I thought that something that was both a sculpture when viewed from a distance and an interactive musical machinarium sculpture when actually inside it, would fit the bill.

This would incorporate a tidal powered water clock, animatronic dragons made of beaten copper which spray water when the clock strikes the hour and musical instruments cunningly incorporated into railings, benches and fixtures and fittings so that visitors would be engaged in a musical performance every hour.

Below are pdfs of my proposal (highlighted in orange) and the brief for the project.

My proposal was shortlisted (an amazing result as this was just three days work only, I found out about the project just before the deadline and thought I’d have a go) but didn’t make the final cut, where two proposals would be awarded £10k to further develop their ideas. They did publish a book of all the shortlisted proposals and mine was featured among them.

Swansea Bay proposal(2)


Moon sculpture night sketch

Sketch of the moon sculpture lit to represent the phases of the moon

Moon sculpture cross section sketch

Cross section drawing of the proposed moon sculpture.

Dragons sketch copy

There be dragons!

Musical railings

Musical pipes incorporated into the railings. The pipes would be of different lengths and accurately tuned to different notes when struck with a paddle. The pipes would also start and end in different places so that a voice whispered, sung or shouted into a pipe could be heard at the pipe’s end somewhere else.

Musical bench

A musical bench type thing